I recall ending the year 2019 with questions, pondering what unexplored territories the new year might bring. Of course, I had no idea that a pandemic called COVID-19 was about to supernova in March of 2020. Since its inception, COVID-19 has become one of the greatest geopolitical crises since World War II.

At the time of this writing, the U.S. has spent $5 trillion battling the virus, and our country has already lost over 550,000 lives. Here we are- a little more than a year later- still a bit speechless about everything that has transpired since last March.

Naples Urgent Care has been open during this entire tumultuous period. We’ve been consistently offering the following health services, some of them very recently new!

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It will not happen overnight, but we will eventually learn to live more manageably with a virus that is likely never to fully go away. As the learning curve levels-out, we look forward to continuing to serve as your family’s trusted resource for all of your year-round medical needs.

We wish you all the best in health and safety.


Have you had your Annual Wellness Exam yet this year?
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Why Cool Oxygen?
Because unlike a healthcare system primarily focused on allopathic medicine—i.e. the treatment of, to a large extent, already sick people—Naples Urgent Care/Vital Health Strategies encourage a year-round approach to health and wellness, with a powerful and refreshing emphasis on prevention.

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